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    SIMCITA™ is a virtual-reality based platform, tailored to any organization and delivers a highly immersive, world-class collaborative experience that users can access from any internet connected PC or Mac. It’s the next generation of a virtual organization. Attendees feel “Virtually There”!

Benefits of Our Virtual Organization Platform

  • Cost Saving

    Organizations can reduce costs such as office space, travel costs associated with attending meetings and conferences, as well as minimize loss of productivity time being away from the office. Staff can access their organization virtually, with access to their corporate files, sites and applications. SIMCITA™ even has built-in award-winning tools such as an online presentation tool for sharing slides and screens, conducting online meetings and chats, reserving online conference rooms and collaborating in various virtual venues to custom to your organization. Organizations can even create revenue opportunities.

  • Impressive VR

    SIMCITA™ is an experience far beyond a website or meeting tool. It allows for attendees to meet in various venues and select content via the walls, screens and kiosks. Eliminating the need to know hundreds of links to websites, apps and content. It’s like being in an online corporate headquarters, campus, or big city convention center, only the venue and all its resources come to you. A truly virtual experience where your organization’s content comes alive, and it’s all maintained within a centralized content management system. A powerful online immersive experience like no other, for employees, students, clinicians or patients. Flexible, modern and engaging!

  • Intuitive

    Attendees feel like they are in a virtual-reality version of their organization, and can simply click any institutional content, eliminating the need to remember hundreds of links to internal and external websites and applications. A world-class immersive and easy to navigate platform, that increases access to all organizational information and tools. Whether utilized as a virtual hospital, virtual campus or even a virtual convention center, SIMCITA™ offers users a familiar environment with powerful features. Customizable avatars, rooms, and menus provide endless intuitive features throughout.

The Venues

SIMCITA™ can be tailored to any organization. Within each virtual organization, the platform is filled with a variety of beautiful and elegant venues such as auditoriums, conference rooms, and corporate departments. Like a brick and mortar center, attendees can collaborate at the main lobby, departments, clinics, meeting rooms, bookstore, breakout rooms, and even at the virtual food court during lunch break. There’s even a virtual expo hall, loaded with booths and products you can market or communicate campaigns with employees or partners. SIMCITA™ offers limitless customizations to virtualize your organization and make attendees feel virtually there!

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Virtual & Accesible

No application to download. SIMCITA™ provides powerful yet secure, cloud-based virtual organizations and meetings in an online environment. Designed even for low-bandwidth environments and mobile devices.

Virtual Concierge

SIMCITA™ features a powerful virtual concierge that works 24/7. She’s programmed with hundreds of FAQs to answer attendees questions. Your organization can infuse her with their institutional knowledge.

Flexible Collaboration

Organizations can easily upload their content, custom branding and organizational materials. Creation of specific topic forums for collaboration is also available. You can even use your favorite online presentation tool within SIMCITA™.


SIMCITA™ is an experience far beyond a website, presentation tool or conference call. It allows interactive conversations with other employees, partners, learners and instructors, all within a virtual reality-based online institution, custom branded with your organization’s content.

  • Touch Controls

  • Personalized Attendee Avatars

  • Scalable Cloud Service

  • Revenue Potential

  • Calendar Integrated Meetings

  • Administration & Content Management

  • Secure Communications

  • Philanthropic Opportunities

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